Where Did All the Squirrels Go is an installation project that incorporates 2D illustration, 3D animation and digital fabrication. It illustrates the lonely life of an imaginative girl and her illusory friends. Memories and feelings blending with curious nonsense, the project is inspired by Pop Surrealism paintings.

The project is an experiment that creates a continuous narrative through animation and physical installation. The animations were produced with standard animation tools; however, they were designed as moving 'paintings' instead of short films. Customized 'painting' frames were designed and realized with CNC milling. A mirror covered with PDLC film is controlled by a combination of proximity sensors and Arduino, creating an interactive experience.



Design Documents




Exhibition: X: Variations in Experience

SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY, June 2019


Exhibition: Portal: Governors Island 2019

Governors Island, New York, NY, Sept. 2019